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Butt Lift


A simple search on the web can reveal hundreds of different workout routines and exercise techniques which promise to tone your gluteus – the muscles of the buttocks. While there is no doubt that exercising certainly produces results, unfortunately for many individuals working out does not give the results they had hoped for. Buttock lift surgery can be an option in this case as this procedure aims to raise saggy and loose skin and grant you a firmer butt.

There are several factors which can be attributed to sagging buttocks. Some of the most commons ones are age, weight loss, and your genes – yes, saggy bottoms can run in the family. Regardless of what the reasons are, a proper butt lift performed by the experienced plastic surgeons at New York’s Madison Avenue Plastic Surgery will remove excess fat from your buttocks region and give you excellent results.

Butt Lift Procedure Process

Before the surgery, you will most likely be given general anesthesia. The procedure itself involves several main steps. Firstly, the surgeon will highlight certain spots on or around your buttocks where the incisions will be made. Common areas where the incisions are made include the top and bottom of the buttocks, hips, waist, and the sides. Incision location and length can vary depending on the procedure.

The next step is to remove the skin and fat from the region. After this, the surgeon will then pull and compress the skin together to make the buttocks tighter and contoured. Liposuction may also be used for this purpose. Once this step is completed, the incisions will be stitched up in layers to make sure the skin does not become loose again. The surgery can be lengthy (anywhere from two to three hours) but the good news is that this is an outpatient procedure and you will be able to go home the same day.

Helpful Recovery Tips After a Butt Lift

Now, let’s focus on a few tips that will help you during the recovery period:

  • Make sure to prearrange help around the house because you won’t be able to perform daily household tasks for about two to three weeks.
  • Always follow the instructions given to you by your surgeon for a proper and speedy recovery. This includes taking medications which may be prescribed for you to help ease off the pain.
  • You will be required to wear a compression garment, which will help in keeping the skin tightened, so make sure you wear it as much as possible in the initial days.
  • Please avoid any strenuous activities and/or exercise for up to three months after the surgery as they can lead to complications.

Because of the incisions, you can expect to have bruising and swelling after the surgery. These will take several weeks to subside. Full healing will take several months and final results can take up to a year to show. Remember, Madison Avenue Plastic Surgery’s surgeons are always available post-surgery to address any concerns that you might have.

Are You a Good Candidate?

Ideal candidates for butt lift are individuals suffering from flabby skin in the region due to various reasons stated earlier. However, anyone considering this procedure should also possess good health and an active lifestyle. Butt lift is not something that can remove a significant amount of fat deposits, so it is important to hold realistic expectations. Being a non-smoker can also help especially in the healing process.

Set up a Consultation with Madison Avenue Plastic Surgery in NYC

Since every patient is different and unique, it is recommended for you to schedule a consultation with the doctors at New York’s Madison Avenue Plastic Surgery to get a more comprehensive overview of this process that will be most relevant to you. We invite you to book an appointment with us to have all your questions answered.

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